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We help unlock people’s full potential
by harnessing the power of the mind.

Who we are

Our experts have the deepest expertise in mind-body training in the world — each having integrated practical work experience with coaching and leadership development work and years of their own deep meditation and mind-body practice.


Unparalleled Experiences

Mind Matters offers the deepest expertise in mind-body training in the world.










What makes mind matters different?

Renowned Instructors

With deep mastery of meditation, emotional intelligence, leadership, learning and development

Transformative Experiences

Meticulously designed to spark growth and change at the individual and team levels

Powerful Results

Backed by science and 35+ years working with more than 200,000 minds around the world

Backed by Clients

More than 70 clients shared that TLEX Programs enable a range of impactful individual and organizational benefit including:


of participants agreed that TLEX® techniques increase their ability to stay calm in difficult situations.


of participants agreed that TLEX® techniques will have a positive impact on my working day


of participants agreed that after TLEX® they feel enhanced social connectedness with other participants


of participants said that TLEX® Program would be a useful addition to their training curriculum


Our team was engaged, open and excited. We all felt deeply rejuvenated and at peace with each other. And that ultimately built trust – the key ingredient to teamwork.

Louis Gagnon, CPO & CMO, Audible, an Amazon Company

Our Programs

The Mind Matters approach blends lecture, meditative exercises, self-reflection, peer-to-peer learning and digital habituation to support sustainable transformation. Each program builds on the next to guide participants through an inside-out process of development.

Teams harnessing the power of their minds
to lead the way forward.

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