A Framework for Women to Lead

While the world is evolving, women are still lagging when it comes to leadership roles. Women have many inborn leadership traits. Despite being strong, smart, technically competent and emotionally valiant, there is a broad spectrum of challenges women face at the workplace and in leadership roles. This program is specially designed for women to reach higher – at work and beyond.  Self-management Leadership starts with self-management. Universities and executive programs teach management skills – people management, resource management, time management, customer relationship management and so on but not many teach self-management! Have you ever been taught in school or university how to manage your mind and emotions? Our negative thoughts and feelings dull the spark in us and reduce personal efficiency and most certainly, creativity and problem-solving. When we feel down and out can we lead others? Can we inspire other competent people to rise to greater heights? Chances are low. The institutions that impart business management and leadership skills, often overlook this aspect of leadership. Many programs urge us to lead with confidence. How do we let go of the mental blocks that hinder us? How do we make sure we are in that flow day after day? An essential first step to managing a business and leading other humans is managing oneself! Management begins in our mind. Managing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions and taking responsibility for them is the first step to winning over the minds of others.  This program gives you a tool that detoxes the mind and enhances perception, observation, and expression. Presence  We convey more through our presence than through our words. Swathing ourselves in the most fashionable or expensive clothes, shoes, scarves, and bags won’t just do it. Utilizing an often unattended dimension that lies within us – non-verbal communication – is the key to enhancing our presence. This program shows you how through techniques that work subtly.  Leadership is not the ability to merely influence people  Leadership is often equated just with great corporate titles and political roles. There is an overemphasis on positional power. Titles and positions that are vested in us by others can be taken away by others – this is not to paint a dramatic picture of the future and ring alarm bells. Not at all. If you look around you will see power assigned to a person has a shelf life. Great leadership transcends titles and positions. This program aims to cultivate leadership that will create more leaders!

Uma Muthuraaman

Uma Muthuraaman, is a communication consultant who has worked in both Asia and Europe. She is very enthusiastic on the topic of women’s leadership. Especially as a mother who balances her time between family, work and social causes she brings a wealth of experience to leadership. Uma is currently based in Cologne. She loves to write and tell stories through images and words. You can browse her at www.umamuthuraaman.com

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