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We help unlock people’s full potential by harnessing the power of the mind.

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Gain complimentary access to the upcoming 60-min online workshop:
Creating Belonging at the Workplace, Aug 23.

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The TLEX Institute (Transformational Leadership for Excellence) offers experiential programs with integrated frameworks and empirically validated techniques, leading employees to perform under high complexity and demand with greater awareness, connection and mastery.

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Meticulously designed to spark growth and change at the individual and team levels.

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With deep mastery of meditation, emotional intelligence, leadership, learning and development

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Backed by science and 35+ years working with more than 200,000 minds around the world

Our team was engaged, open and excited. We all felt deeply rejuvenated and at peace with each other. And that ultimately built trust – the key ingredient to teamwork.

Louis Gagnon, CPO & CMO, Audible, an Amazon Company

Exclusive access

Complimentary workshop for symposium attendees

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We’re giving Ambition In Motion Executive Symposium participants complimentary access to our upcoming 60-min online workshop:

Creating Belonging at the Workplace

Aug 23 @ 5.30 PM CST | Live online

You’ll explore the role connection plays in building trust and how to create a greater sense of belonging in companies and teams to enhance engagement and workplace culture.

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