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We help unlock people’s full potential by harnessing the power of the mind.

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TLEX SKY for Executives

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TLEX SKY Immersion Retreat for Global Leaders

Enabling you to shape up a humane future at both individual and organizational levels. The TLEX SKY Immersion Retreat enables leadership soft skills development with greater EQ and broader perspectives.

A unique opportunity for leaders like you to take some time out from day-to-day responsibilities to connect with yourself and fellow business leaders to attend this retreat.

TLEX’s unique approach, rooted in the restorative tools of meditation, breathwork, and wisdom reframes to empower a calm, centered, and clear mind, increases resilience to stress, refine perspectives and enhance your energy. This forms a solid foundation for self-mastery, leading with others and leading with a purpose.

Developed globally in the field over the last thirty-five years, TLEX practices have enabled transformation in multiple companies, universities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. The SKY Immersion Retreat provides leaders with practical, science-backed tools of the breath and meditation, including a personal home practice, and empirically validated approaches for personal, transformational leadership.

Backed by Science

100+ independent studies published in peer-reviewed journals have demonstrated a range of powerful benefits from practicing SKY Breath Meditation and associated TLEX techniques—the cornerstone of TLEX SKY Immersion Retreat.









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The TLEX Institute (Transformational Leadership for Excellence) offers experiential programs with integrated frameworks and empirically validated techniques, leading employees to perform under high complexity and demand with greater awareness, connection and mastery.

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Meticulously designed to spark growth and change at the individual and team levels.

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With deep mastery of meditation, emotional intelligence, leadership, learning and development

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Backed by science and 35+ years working with more than 200,000 minds around the world

TLEX Executive SKY (Private) -
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 Exclusive One-on-One or your private small group
  • Tailored to your schedule
  • In-person and online options to meet your preference
  • Focus on Self-Mastery
  • Personal and exclusive interaction with Expert TLEX Faculty

TLEX SKY Immersion Online Retreat for Business Leaders (Upcoming)

Delivered over Zoom
  • Nov 1st -3rd | Nov 29th – Dec 1st, 2023
  • Engage with Expert TLEX Faculty
  • Peer-to-Peer interaction with business leaders
  • Contact us for other in-person or online options 

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Clients harnessing the power of their minds to lead the way forward.

We help unlock people’s full potential by harnessing the power of the mind.

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