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Exclusive Inner Workshop for Leaders in Biotech

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Restorative Practices for Managing Stress
December 7th, 2023

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The TLEX Institute (Transformational Leadership for Excellence) offers experiential programs with integrated frameworks and empirically validated techniques, leading employees to perform under high complexity and demand with greater awareness, connection and mastery.

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TLEX’s Inner Workshops helped multiple teams and individuals at eBay move through the stresses and emotions of what has been a challenging time. Their one-hour sessions covering different, relatable topics were easy to attend and with helpful touchpoints gave some reprieve and energy.

Karishma Anand, Senior Director Product Management & Global President

Restorative Practices for Managing Stress

Dec 7 @ 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM EST
Venue: Lab Central, 700 Main St., Cambridge, MA 02139

Build resilience to stress by experiencing the power of breath and meditation. You will gain practical understanding of restorative practices, as they impact stress and the mind. This workshop blends lecture, interactive discussion, self-reflection, breathing exercises and meditation.

Research indicates that restorative practices can

Sharpens analytical and creative thinking

Reduce stress and anxiety

Increase work satisfaction

Improve quality of sleep

Workshop Objectives

Participants gain perspectives on the effect of stress in the mind and body, and the role that restorative practices of the breath, meditation and mindfulness can play in navigating acute stress and building resilience.

Participants experience and learn two restorative techniques including a guided meditation to build resilience and strength and enable more peace of mind.

Participants have a chance to connect with other business leaders and professionals while taking a moment to rejuvenate themselves. You will receive lifetime access to the techniques audio files for added long-term benefit.

Timings & Fee


Thursday, December 7, 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm EST


$125 $50

Hurry, limited spots available!

Your Instructor

Raghunath Sapuram is a meditation enthusiast, breathwork and meditation teacher and entrepreneur. He has been a meditation practitioner for over 20 years and an instructor since 2008. Raghu has led over 100 courses related to mind management, self-development and breathwork programs, as well as teaching stress management and rehabilitation programs at juvenile and adult correctional facilities. Raghu has over 35 years of professional experience including founding successful Austin-based tech startups, working with large corporations like IBM, Texas State and as an independent consultant. He has co-founded multiple Austin based successful startups delivering software products and services. As a co-founder of Gravitant Inc, which was acquired by IBM Corporation, Raghu played the roles of Chief Technology Officer, VP-Product Management, Chief Product Officer, Board Member, and also managed the operations of the company for over 7 years. He specializes in creating and building strong global teams and organizations. With IBM, he served as a Distinguished Engineer driving technology strategy and architectures, product management, strategic planning, and collaboration across teams and stakeholders.


Raghunath Sapuram



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We help unlock people’s full potential by harnessing the power of the mind.

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