TLEX SKY Immersion Retreat

Washington, DC
February 29 - March 1, 2024

Don't Miss this Exclusive SKY Immersion Retreat for Leaders

The SKY Immersion Retreat is a unique opportunity for leaders to disconnect from daily stress and connect with peers. 

  • Learn practical, science-backed breath and meditation tools for personal and home practice.
  • Cultivate calmness, centeredness, and clarity of mind.
  • Increase resilience to stress, refine perspectives, and boost energy.
  • Enhance your self-leadership capabilities, social connection and personal impact and brand within your organization, positioning yourself for further advancement. 

The TLEX program stands out for several key reasons:

  • Tailored for Professional Leadership: It’s specifically crafted to cultivate transformational leadership skills in professionals, enhancing their ability to lead effectively in various environments.
  • Globally Developed and Validated: The program’s practices have been refined and proven over 35 years of global application, ensuring they are robust and effective.
  • Modern Adaptation of Ancient Techniques: The program uniquely integrates ancient practices into modern leadership training, offering time-tested approaches adapted to meet the needs and challenges of today’s leaders.
  • Wide Range of Success: Its techniques have demonstrated success across a diverse range of sectors, including business, academia, and government, highlighting its versatility and effectiveness in different organizational contexts.

Transform Your Leadership and Life with Science-backed Breathwork and Meditation

Reduces levels of stress

Benefits the immune system

Enhances brain function

Enhances overall health and well- being

Increases social connection

For more details on the SKY technique, visit Research on SKY Technique.

What Participants say:

91% agree who would recommend this to colleagues

93% agree worth investment of their time

92% agree TLEX has improved my ability to manage personal stress.

91% agree improved social connection

Retreat Schedule & Fees


February 29 - March 1, 2024


Washington, DC


$895 $795* 
*Discounted New Year Special Pricing

  • February 29 (Thu)
    Morning Session: 9:30 am to 12:30pm
    Afternoon Session: 1:30 pm to 5:00pm
  • March 1 (Fri)
    Morning Session: 9:30 am to 1:00pm

Your Instructors

Ajay Tejasvi

An international leadership and political science scholar and artificial intelligence engineer, Ajay serves as TLEX President and Board Member. A certified international leadership trainer, he has supported corporations and students across 30 countries sharing self-management and wellness techniques to support a healthy, happy and productive life. Ajay served for more than 15 years at the World Bank Group where he led an international team of economists and change management specialists for the Collaborative Leadership for Development initiative. He has worked closely with 42 governments, assisting and supporting their reforms for good governance and collaborative leadership, and continues to support this effort as an advisor through the Open Government Partnership.

Jennifer Stevenson

Jennifer is the EVP of Client Training, member of the TLEX Board of Directors and Instructor Trainer for the TLEX institute. She has been teaching mind-management and leadership programs globally since 2007 with more than 400,000 training person hours. With the TLEX Institute since 2010, Jennifer has worked on or delivered a number of customized leadership programs for the World Bank Institute, Total Brain, Open Government Partnership, serving senior government officials from different countries and Cooper Investors in Australia and Grupo Cinco M in Mexico. She has delivered programs at global corporations including Shell Oil, GE, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, American Express, Verizon and Intuit as well as taught for-credit courses at MIT Sloan and Johns Hopkins.


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