When heavy feels light.

The TLEX® Flow App helps you practice mindfulness, reduce stress, and boost your performance at work.


Relax and Recharge Anytime, Anywhere

Flow is a state of mind – a state of relaxed awareness, in which a person is completely immersed in what he or she is doing, highly concentrated and at the same time feeling great inner clarity, calm and happiness.

The TLEX FLOW App is your partner to achieve that state of mind! It offers you guidance as well as tools to apply in your workplace and in your daily life. The App is designed to reduce your stress, increase your awareness, improve your mental health, and help boost your productivity.

Specially Designed Content

You can use the TLEX® Flow App at work, at your desk, as well as in your free time to bring yourself to a state of relaxed awareness.

TLEX Flow App Features

Guided Mindfulness (audio)

Each mindfulness exercise focuses on a different theme. Benefits: relaxation, regained focus and improve sleep.

Micro Moments (audio)

Helps to improve focus and awareness to quickly “reset the mind” and keep going.

Offline version

Enjoy all content and benefits also when you are offline.

Desktop stretching (video)

These exercises can be done while sitting at the desk. They help to relax and to prevent backpain and headaches.

Mindful Meetings (audio)

This section includes guided exercises for starting meetings in a mindful way and to practice micro-moments of mindfulness throughout the working day.

We help unlock people’s full potential by harnessing the power of the mind.