Harness the
Power of the Mind

Our programs are meticulously designed to spark the inner growth that leads to outer change.

The Mind Matters Approach

Mind Matters suite offerings integrate proven approaches and techniques to help staff and/or targeted teams address complex issues around focus, resilience and self-awareness.

Our Programs teach participants to develop and harness their Mind by building clarity, connection and commitment.


Participants master the ability to heighten their awareness, manage their mental state, broaden their perspective and increase their energy on-demand. This leads to an increase in mental focus, well-being, immune function and nervous system regulation.


Participants master the ability to build trust, relationships and community. This leads to a positive feedback loop with ever-increasing engagement, productive empathy, belonging, team collaboration and resilience.  


Participants master the ability to make wise decisions, act consciously, adapt to changing circumstances, take responsibility and guide people forward. This leads to a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction, leadership and success in the world.


Inner Workshops

This scalable series of live 1-hour workshops explores how stress shows up in our work/life and shares simple techniques to restore balance, build resilience and improve effectiveness. Workshops blend lecture, interactive discussion, self-reflection, breathing exercises and open questioning and span a variety of topics with the following one-hour themed sessions available:

  • Restorative Practices for Managing Stress
  • Observing the Mind in Chaos
  • Managing Emotions in Challenging Times
  • Tendencies of the Mind in Fear
  • Understanding the Basics of Mental Hygiene
  • Digital Detox with Subtle Chair Yoga and Meditation
  • Building Trust & Belonging in the Workplace
  • Expanding Perspectives for Better Decision-Making
  • Leadership Agility in Times of Change
  • Parenting in a Pandemic through Awareness
  • Parenting in a Pandemic through Connection


TLEX’s Inner Workshops helped multiple teams and individuals at eBay move through the stresses and emotions of what has been a challenging time. Their one-hour sessions covering different, relatable topics were easy to attend and helpful touchpoints get some reprieve and energy.

Karishma Anand, Senior Director Product Management & Global President

SKY Immersion

After three sessions, participants walk away with the ability to self-regulate anytime, anywhere by using the SKY breath meditation. This empirically validated technique has been shown to significantly improve sleep, brain function, immune response and well-being — all while reducing stress and depression. And in order to integrate meditative benefits into their everyday life, participants engage in interactive exercises, discussion and group work designed to hone practical skills for building stronger relationships, purpose and leadership.



SKY Immersion is perfect for any high performance, people-based organization. The techniques helped us build a more open, creative, dynamic culture. And we’ve seen individuals become calmer, more centered and decisive by focusing on the signal, not the noise.

Peter J. Cooper, CIO and Founder, Cooper Investors

21-Day Resilience Challenge

This 21-day program builds personal resilience by focusing on four dimensions of resilience: Mental, Physical, Social and Purpose through short, easy to apply tools and approaches designed to enhance presence and mindset, health, relationships and connection to society and oneself. Choose from two formats – one with light touchpoints and another more immersive approach with instructor led sessions.


The TLEX 21-Day Resilience program is a great mix of concrete tools and reflections on topics that are not only beneficial for work, but also for life in general. The program also resulted in greater team cohesion, connectedness and trust.

Head of HR, Global Consulting Company

Tailored Leadership Development

Developed in the field with more than three decades of application, TLEX’s leadership approach of – Awareness, Belonging and Commitment – is customized and applied based on organization’s need. Rolled out typically as a multi-day retreat with a thoughtful structure and expert support, participants have the opportunity to develop their ability to lead oneself, lead with others to ultimately lead for impact. A customized curriculum is developed based on client diagnostics. Example programming include Synergize and Leadership Collaboratives.


With more than a decade partnering with TLEX for the design and facilitation of customized leadership development for my teams and clients, their depth of expertise and ability to enable leadership from within is unparalleled. Their integration and application of leadership into highly contextualized and tactical approaches leads to individual and team transformation and impact.

Sanjay Pradhan, CEO, Open Government Partnership

Mentor Training & Certification

This multi-month training and certification program that prepares dedicated participants to mentor and guide others through the Mind Matters curriculum. Graduates are empowered to mentor within their own organization and beyond, expanding the positive reach and impact of Mind Matters.


I trained under the Mind Matters Train the Trainer Program and have held 40 workshops and trained over 500 people. The training is very well structured with a good mix of theory and practice and the content could be transferred very easily to our business. Participants were able to extract valuable tips from the workshop for themselves.

Sabrina Mueller-Welz
HR, Management Partner for Roche Diagnostics International AG

About Mind Matters

At Mind Matters, we teach people how to harness the power of their minds. Led by renowned experts with the deep expertise in mind-body training, our programs are meticulously designed to spark the inner growth that leads to greater purpose, connection, creativity and leadership in the world. Our approach blends meditative exercises developed by global spiritual leader and peacemaker Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with lecture, self-reflection, peer-to-peer learning and digital habituation to support sustainable transformation for individuals, teams and organizations.

Renowned Instructors

Every program is led by an engaging, relatable expert with decades of deep mastery of meditation, emotional intelligence, leadership, learning and development.

Powerful Results

Less stress. More clarity, connection and creativity. Our techniques are backed by science and 35+ years working with more than 30,000 minds around the world.

Ready to lead the way forward?